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Road Marking Paint Resin


Road Marking Paint Resin is made through esterification by gum rosin, unsaturated binary acid and multi-alcohol, during the reaction, anti-oxidant and optical stabilizer are added. It is soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and ketones.It is specially used as binder for road marking paints, with good resistance to crushing, resistance to crocking, abrasion resistance, appropriate leveling and fast drying. It also has good resistance to yellowing and aging, and suitable for asphalt and concrete road surphase.



Item/TypeMC 105
Softening Point (Ring & Ball) ℃100-110
Acid Value (mgKOH/g)15 Max
Color (Gardner)4 Max



Used for white or yellow hot melt road marking paints.


Applications of the paint( Hot Melt Paint )

Put the materials compound (excluding Glass Bead) in a kettle(pot) step by step gradually, keeping agitation and heating (180℃-220℃), then shift the liquefied compound(paint) into an applicator, stirring while marking on dry and clean road surface.(before marking, undercoating demanded).



25 kg/paper bag, avoid moisture, fire and high temperature.

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