“Connecting with the world with chemistry”

Looking to the future, we will contribute to society through product development using environmentally friendly materials.

Market needs including support for clean environments and energy savings as well as high performance are becoming more diverse, and speedy responses are being required. We face these tasks one by one head-on, constantly look ahead to the future, and work towards resolving a wide variety of problems in modern society utilizing earth-friendly materials represented by rosin and proprietary technologies cultivated over many years. We are making continuous efforts with respect to exciting product research, development, and commercialization by placing importance on new findings made by our employees as well as utilizing fertile ideas and abilities to take action.

Our R & D team

In addition to the R&D department, our R & D team also includes the Promotion Department, Enterprise Development Department, R&D Promotion Department and Production Technology Development Department. Joint research and development of multiple departments will bring better products and technologies

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