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CAS No.: 99-87-6, 25155-15-1


Other Name: para Cymene, p-Cymol, Dolcymene, 4-Isopropyltoluene, 1-methyl-4-(1-methylethyl)benzene,

4-Methylcumene, 1-Methyl-4-(propan-2-yl)benzene,1-isopropyl-4-methylbenzene, p-Methylisopropylbenzene,




P-Cymene, a clear liquid with a mild pleasant odor, is a aromatic organic compound naturally occurring in essential oils of various aromatic plants. P-Cymene also can be produced by high purity dehydrogenation technique which is applied in distilling by-products of gum turpentine.

It is insoluble in water, miscible with organic solvents.



Test itemStandard
AppearanceColorless to light yellow clear liquid
Content, %99 min
Specific gravity (20℃)0.8530-0.8600
Refractive Index (20℃)1.4890-1.4930
Water, %0.1 max


Suggested Uses:

Used for synthesizing tonalide, musk moskene, phantolide.

Used as the intermediate for pharmaceutical, fragrance, flavor, pesticide.

Used in food, cosmetic, perfumery, soap, detergent.


 Packing :

175 kg galvanized iron drum, ISO-tank or as the request of customer.



Store in cool place, free from contamination, keep away from high temperature, fire, water, and oxidant agent.

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