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Other Name: Zinc Dimethacrylate

CAS No.: 13189-00-9



Zinc dimethacrylate (ZDMA) is an reactive acrylic acid zinc salt. It is with good dispersion, and good liquidity. It has excellent acid, alkali, oil, corrosion and high temperature resistance. It is a cross-linking agent, and hardening agent for rubbers, golf core, artificial marble, tape etc. Vulcanized products can obtain salt crosslinking bonds, it improves product hardness, bending performance, tear resistance and elasticity. And strengthen the compression permanence of rubber compound. It also improves the rubber adhesion with metal.



Test itemsStandard
AppearanceWhite to pale yellow powder
Loss on drying %≤ 0.3
Zinc content %34-38
Particle diameter (um)≤120



Used as co-agent for peroxide cured rubbers such as BR, NBR, SBR, EPDM etc, as well as golf core, rubber roller, industrial rubber products.



20kg paper bag or drum, or as the request of customer



Store in cool, well-ventilated place, free from contamination, keep away from high temperature, direct sunlight, fire, water, acid, alkali, and oxidant agent. Do not store it under an oxygen free atmosphere.

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