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Polyterpene Resin (Terpene Resin)

CAS No.: 9003-74-1, 31393-98-3


Other Name: Terpene Resin, Pinene Resin



Polyterpene Resin (Terpene Resin) is a light yellow transparent solid or viscous liquid, made from terpenes through catalyzing polymerization.

It has good tack and color stability, high cohesion, acid and alkali resistance, excellent heat stability, good aging and light resistance, electrical isolation. Liquid type has excellent low temperature property.

It is well compatible with SIS, SBS, SBR, EVA, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, polyethylene resin, ethylene based copolymer, rosin resin, wax, oil etc.

It is soluble in benzene, toluene, turpentine, gasoline, aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, insoluble in water, methanol and ethanol.



Test item/TypeMTL 103MT 90MT 100MT 110MT 120MT 130
Softening Point (Ring & Ball℃)20-3085-9595-105105-115115-125125-135
Acid value (mgKOH/g)1.0 max1.0 max1.0 max1.0 max1.0 max1.0 max
Color (Gardner)5.0 max5.0 max5.0 max5.0 max5.0 max5.0 max
Toluene Insoluble %0.05 max0.05 max0.05 max0.05 max0.05 max0.05 max


Suggested Uses:

Used for hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, solvent adhesive, laminating adhesive, contact adhesive, decorative adhesive, electronic tape, rubber, paint, ink, plastic, packaging etc.


Packing :

25 kg paper bag or as the request of customer.



Store in cool place, free from contamination, keep away from high temperature, fire, water, and oxidant agent.

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