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Chloroprene Rubber

CAS No.: 9010-98-4


Chloroprene Rubber (CR), also known as chlorobutadiene rubber, is an important polymer. The commercial grades are mostly trans-1,4-polychloroprene produced by free-radical emulsion polymerization of 2-chloro-1,3-butadiene.

Chloroprene Rubber is an important synthetic rubber. It is well balanced in physical properties, and has excellent light resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, and heat resistance.

It is used in a wide range of applications, including automotive parts, belts, hoses, electric wires and cables, constructions, adhesives, and rubber gloves etc.


CR 244 series specification:It is similar to Denka A-90 and Dupont Neoprene AD-20. 

ItemsViscosity (mpa.s, 5% toluene solution)Peel Strength, N/cmVolatile, %
CR 244013-2490 min1.5 max
CR 244125-3490 min1.5 max
CR 244235-5390 min1.5 max
CR 244354-7590 min1.5 max
CR 244476-11590 min1.5 max
CR 244A116-14090 min1.5 max
CR 244B141 min90 min1.5 max


CR 232 series specification of industrial application:

Mooney Viscosity
Mooney   Scorch(MSt5, min)1111
Tensile   strength,≥MPa1212
Modulus   at 500%, MPa2-75-10
Elongationat   break,≥%750550
Volatile   matter,≤%1.51.5
Appearancemilk white chips


CR 232 series specification of adhesive application:

Viscosity   in 10% toluene solution,mpa.sCR 2323A500-1500
CR 2324A1501-2500
CR 2325A2501-5000



Used to make Chloroprene adhesives, used for bonding and self adhesion between rubber, leather, fiber, metal, wood and cement products etc.



Net 25kg paper bag.



Store in cool place, free from contamination, keep away from high temperature, fire, water, and oxidant agent.

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